The Confluence wiki server retired December 1, 2018

When the Confluence wiki service was initiated in 2009, it filled a function not previously widely available at Notre Dame. Through the following years, several other services became available. Many wiki spaces migrated to other platforms, and wiki use significantly declined.

If you have a need for a wiki (i.e., a collaborative website), Notre Dame's, which is built on the WordPress platform, may serve you well for that purpose. We have created a document that describes the general-purpose collaboration platforms now available to all ND users. The document contains links to OIT resources that describe other, specialized platforms as well. We believe that one of these will meet your needs.

If you need access to content in a wiki space formerly hosted here, you should contact the owner/administrator of that space. Many of the owners exported their spaces, which may now be stored elsewhere. Please contact us at if you need any information about former wiki spaces. We apologize for any inconvenience.